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Hello, I teach Iyengar Yoga in Berkhamsted and London at Triyoga and Yogaloft. This is my journey to becoming an iyengar yoga student and teacher. After falling a 100ft onto rocks, I was lucky to be alive. Two years into my yoga practice I had a catastrophic climbing accident and almost died. I sustained a number of injuries; five spinal fractures and a compound fracture to my right arm. The doctors told me I would only have 60% mobility in my arm, I now have almost total mobility. With the use of props and an intergrated approach to yoga, I was able to regain my previous ability and surpass it beyond my wildest expectations. Almost 20yrs after my accident Iyengar Yoga has given me complete rejuvenation of not just my body, but mind and soul as well.

One of the reasons I trained as an iyengar teacher is to help me with my own practise and to get a deeper understanding of how to adjust my own body into correct alignment. It became apparent to me that without direct experience of how to transform my own body I wouldn’t be able to help others. If our bodies are not aligned we find it difficult to move with ease, this is not always apparent when we first look at ourselves as our perception is governed and coloured by our habitual habits.

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Mike Farr

A good teacher can show you where the imbalances accrue and I was lucky enough to meet teachers that managed to guide me in the right direction, including my current teacher Sheila Haswell. I don’t consider myself to be an easy student as apart from my injuries and stiffness I also had to breakdown my own internal resistances. I thank all the Iyengar teachers I have come into contact with including; Alaric Newcombe, Marios Argiros

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